Casino Kuban Games

Black Jack

This game plays with six packs of cards. The player plays against the dealer. The game objective is the beat the eventual dealer hand by reaching a hand closer to 21 but without exceeding 21. Every bet should be puted on the boxes marked on the table. After beting the dealer gives the cards face up – one card for every player and for himself and after that a second card for every player. 

If you have BlackJack (Ace and Color card or 10), this hand beats every other combination except Black Jack for the dealer, and the bet is paid 3:2. If the dealer has Black Jack too you are draw. If you don’t have Black Jack depending on your cards you decide whether to ask for more cards or not. You can ask for as many cards as you wish. 
If you are not satisfied by your chances to beat the dealer, after you receive your first two cards, you can declare „Surrender“. The dealer will collect the cards and will take the half of your bet. 

The dealer must take card on 16 or less and must stop on 17 or more.

If your total score is closer to 21 than this of the dealer you win the same money as your bet. If your total score is lower than the dealers’ you loose your bet. If you have a total score equal to the dealers’ you are draw. If you exceed 21 by taking cards for the dealer you loose your bet.

American Roulette

The American Roulette is an easy and funny game. Every player plays with chips with different colours, in order to be abke to remember his own bets. The chips are with different value according to the table minimum and maximum. 

The dealer declares the start of the bets and rolls the ball. Beting continues untill the dealer says „End of bets“. All bets made later are given back to the player. When the ball falls the dealer announces the winning number the colour, clears the loosing bets and pays the winning following a procedure. When player stops playing, he must change all the collour chips for cashchips. 

The numbers on the wheel (0-36) are disposed on a way different of this on the table. The wheel is being divided on sectors. 


When the winning number is Zero all outside bets (single chanse) – red and black, even and odds, small and big numbers, dousens and columns are loosing. Bets set to Zero are winning and are being payed the same way as any other winning number.

Slot Machines

Casino Kuban has more than 120 slot machines, including a great diversity of video-games like Black Jack, Poker, Electronic Roulette and many others. Situated in the lobby of the casino on an area of more than 200 sq.m. with comfortable chairs for your convenience, our slot machines will give a real pleasure to you, to feel the best casino in Sunny Beach.

At your disposal is our competent and polite personnel. They will help you and answer every your question with pleasure! 

It is a pleasure for us to be our guests!

Caribbean Stud Poker

Players play against the dealer. The player must be seated when playing and must leave his bet in the „Ante“ box first. The bet must be considered with the table minimum and with step 5$ (but not higher than the maximum). The dealer gives 5 cards, face down, to each player. The fifth card of the dealer is puted with the face up. The player have a choise to bet or to cancel after he has saw his cards. If he cancels, he loses his entry bet. Players can change a card, but only one. They must pay for the changed card additional bet equal to their entry bet. 

If you decide to bet you must place additional bet wich is exactly TWICE HIGHER than your entry bet. 

When all players hav done their choice the dealer reveales his cards. Dealer qualifies ONLY if he has Ace and King or higher combination ot cards. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, then all other player rest in the game are wining 1:1 for their entry bet. In this case the „BET“ bet is not payed to the players and it is returned.

Texas Hold’em Poker

In Casino Kuban, Texas Hold’Em is a friendly game. It is played with 2-12 players with a minimum of 2 to start a game. Hold’Em uses a flat disk called a „dealer button“ to indicate the player who, in theory, dealt the cards for that „pot“. The player with the button is the last to receive cards on the initial deal. The first player on the left of the dealer will pay the „small blind“ and the next player on the left will pay the „big blind“. Each player is delivered 2 card face down. There will be a „big blind“ and a „small blind“ before the start of the hand. The „blinds“ will be 1 and 2, 2 and 5 or 5 and 10 depending on the table limit. The „big blind“ is considered a bet and must be „called“ to play the hand. Betting in the first round will always start with the player after that player who has posted the „big blind“. 

All players have the option to „call“, „raise“ or „fold“. The player with the „large blind“ must be given the opportunity to „check“ or „rise“ once all other players have acted on their hands unless the betting has already been capped before reaching him/her. Then they may either „call“ the amount owing or „fold“. There will be three cards dealt face up in the middle of the table. This is called the flop which is part of the board. The board is the five cards used by all players. A betting round will follow. All betting will begin with the player next to the player who has the „Dealer button“. The betting consists of one bet and maximum three „raises“. The fourth card {turn card) is then dealt face up next to the flop followed by a betting round. Again, one bet each player and maximum three „raises“. The last card (river card) is then dealt face up next to the turn card followed by the final betting round. The final betting round again consists of one bet each player and maximum three „raises“. At the end of the final betting round, all players will turn over their two down cards. 

The player with the best five card hands shall be awarded the „pot“. In the case of more than one player having the best five card hand, the „pot“ will be split equally between these players. In subsequent rounds, the betting will start with the player to the left of the player who has „dealer button“, unless of course, this player „folds“ his/her hand. Then the betting will start with the next player on the left who is still in the game. This player will have option to check or bet. The others players in turn will have the option to „check“, „call“, „raise“ or „fold“. If a bet established, then all players must either „call“ the bet, „raise“ or „fold“. 

A player will be allowed to go „all-in“ if he/she does not have enough money on the table to call a bet or make a full „raise“. He/She will continue playing the board, and the other players will have further bets and „raises“ placed in a side „pot“. An „all-in“ bet is considered a bet or „raise“ and all rounds still consist of one bet and three „raises“. When a player goes „all-in“, a new „pot“ is formed with next bet or „raise“. This side „pot“ is kept separate from the „main pot“ by placing it to its right. If a second side „pot“ is formed, that „pot“ is placed to the right to the first side „pot“. This will enable the Dealer to settle each side „pot“ in sequence. 

„Betting round“ means a complete cycle from the first bettor to the last person to call.
„Blind“ means a designated bet placed before the first card is dealt. The „blind“ is a live bet which can win the „pot“ if not „called“ or „raised“.
„Call“ means placing a bet equal to the highest legal bet in that round or going „all-in“ if remaining chips are less than the size of that bet.
„Main Pot“ means the first „pot“ created in a game of Poker.
„Pot“ means the sum of the ante wagers, „blinds“ and „called“ wagers.
„Raise“ means a bet within the table limits that is an implicit „call“ plus an amount in excess of the previous bet or „raise“ by at least as large an amount, except in the case of an „all-in“ „raise“. A player will be bound to „raise“ if they announce their intention to do so.
„Fold“ means to surrender a hand or refuse to „call“ a bet.
„Cap“ means the maximum amount of rake to be collected.
„Check“ means not initiating a bet but retaining all rights to act in the event a bet is made. 

English will be the only language spoken in poker room at all times.

Table Stakes Apply: This means cash on the table is considered as of the table action. All money put on the table must remain until a player quits. Player may not cash out any amount, give any amount to another player, or put money in their pockets. The only exception will be for tips and cigarettes. Players must hold their cards over table and keep them in the dealer’s view at all times. No player will be allowed to play over another player’s bankroll.